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Skating Pinkie by cba24Winter Wrap Up

Welcome everypony! As you all know Winter Wrap Up is a very important annual event in Ponyville in which we clear winter and bring in spring. This group is here to collect all the WWU and winter related artwork. So basically anything with snow. We also have a chat room (Coming soon!) for members to mingle and RP. Please be sure to read over the rules and of course browse through some of the lovely artworks!

Lets go Wrap Winter up by OTfor2

Gallery Folders

Submissions to the featured folder are not allowed.

:bulletwhite:Mane Six:bulletwhite:
This folder is for artwork with any of the Mane Six & Spike.

:bulletwhite:Minor Characters:bulletwhite:
This folder is for artwork with any Minor and Background characters.

:bulletwhite:Canon Vectors:bulletwhite:
This folder is for vectors of Canon Characters.

:bulletwhite:Original Characters:bulletwhite:
This folder is for artwork with Original Characters.

:bulletwhite:OC Vectors:bulletwhite:
This folder is for vectors with Original Characters.

This folder is artwork and vectors of WWU Comics.

:bulletwhite:Scarves and Socks:bulletwhite:
This folder is for artwork and vectors of with ponies in scarves and/or socks.

:bulletwhite:Nature and Wildlife:bulletwhite:
This folder is for artwork and vectors of Equestrian wildlife.

:bulletwhite:Plushies and Crafts:bulletwhite:
This folder is for traditional artworks like plushies, figures and accessories.

This folder is for everything else.~
Scarf by JennieOo
Be sure to listen to some of these awesome songs to help with your browsing experience. Just remember leaving the front page will stop the music so we recommend opening the gallery in a new tab.

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Winter Wrap Up Information

In cities such as Canterlot, magic is used to end winter. Founded by Earth ponies, Ponyville made a tradition out of manually changing the season from winter to spring instead. Even after Unicorns started settling there, the tradition has continued.
All ponies are assigned to one of three teams: Weather, Plants, or Animals.

Composed mostly of Pegasi, the weather team clears the sky of clouds and lets the sun warm up the land. Assigned ponies depart to retrieve the birds that have flown south for the winter. Several Earth ponies, Pinkie Pie being one of them, are assigned as lake scorers, who cut the ice as they ice skate on it, making it easier to break and to melt.

Bringing home the southern birds
A Pegasus' job begins
And clearing all the gloomy skies
To let the sunshine in
We move the clouds
And we melt the white snow
When the sun comes up
Its warmth and beauty will glow!

Winter Wrap Up - Fluttershy by Lexuzieel
The animal team mostly consists of unicorns, but ponies from other races, most notably Fluttershy, are seen on the team. The team wakes up hibernating animals, cleans up their dens, and ensures that they have food to eat. Rarity was put in charge of nest-making for the returning birds.

Little critters hibernate
Under the snow and ice
We wake up all their sleepy heads
So quietly and nice
We help them gather up their food
Fix their homes below
We welcome back the southern birds
So their families can grow!
Winter Wrap Up - Rarity by Lexuzieel

Winter Wrap Up - Applejack by Lexuzieel
Earth ponies from the plant team ensure that Ponyville will have enough food during the year. They move snow off the fields, plow them, and plant and water the seeds.

No easy task to clear the ground
Plant our tiny seeds
With proper care and sunshine
Everyone it feeds
Apples, carrots, celery stalks
Colorful flowers too
We must work so very hard
It's just so much to do!

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  • Be Respectful to Members and Administrators!
  • We are all part of the DeviantART community and should treat each other as such. Any harassment or rudeness will result in a permanent ban from the group.
  • Submit to the correct folders!
  • A very simple rule but it is a mistake people make often. If you happen to submit to the wrong folder your deviation will be moved to the correct one. If it becomes a habit we will deny you submission and tell you where to submit it.
  • Only Winter Wrap Up and Winter/Snowing Related Artworks are accepted!
  • Well if it isn't obvious enough this group is here solely for WWU related artwork. We have a few exceptions like the Wildlife folder but in general it's all WWU. We also accept anything with snow, christmas, etc.
  • No Mature Content!
  • Absolutely not. Yes as you can see we do have a Scarves and Socks folder but that is there to keep with the Winter theme. It is not there for inappropriate/sexual artworks. But keep in mind this rule applies to all the folders.
  • Don't steal others work!
  • FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
  • Have fun!
  • The rules shouldn't intimidate you! We really want you guys to love this group and enjoy it. ♥

Spike and Twilight Buried in Snow by OTfor2



Gallery Folders

Winter Holidays by Cpt-Firespit
Winter wrap up by joycall3
Winter Wrap Up with Classic Music by mrs1989
Winter Wrap Up-MLP by Elemental-FA
Mane Six
Winter Wrap up RainbowDash by bubbobings
Winter wrap up by humbertomena
The Earth Pony way by PuffPink
Winter Wrap Up by Oggynka
Minor Characters
Apple Bloom planting flowers by moemneop
Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike Winter Wrap Up by sallycars
Who Needs Winter Wrap Up? by TurboWind
wrap up warm this winter by dennyvixen
Original Characters
winter-wrap up by payero01
.:MLP: Winter Wrap Up BUZZ:. by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS Footer - Winter Wrap Up by masemj
Speedy winter wrap up by stashine-nightfire
Cannon and OC
Winter Wrap Up! by FlameFyre1235
Winter Wrap Up: Again by KydoseXRarity
Canon Vectors
Medley by 90Sigma
Twilight Sparkle - Winter Wrap Up Outfit by bobsicle0
Do My Best Today by Kishmond
Winter wrap up pony by ECHOES111
OC Vectors
Max Mustang Winter Wrap Up by Pilot231
Wild Thunder is ready for Winter Wrap Up by Nattsu-San
OC Flame Wielder Winter Wrap Up Outfit by Mokrosuhibrijac
OC Dante Winter Wrap Up Outfit by Mokrosuhibrijac
Caramel's Story Part 13 by DespisedAndBeloved
[Comic] Have a Nice Day by Rambopvp
Another winter wrap up by Sapphire---Dream
Winter Wrap Up by tifu
Scarves and Socks
Keeping Warm by SkywardSylphina
The Magic of Winter. by Neko9lives
Octavia and Vinyl wrapped up by LunarTails
ID Winter 2012-13 by HaterThePony
Nature and Wildlife
Winter Wrap-up Background by LeLittleLuna
Frozen Pond Background by sakatagintoki117
Winter Wrap Up scenery 01 by The-Mystery-Of-Doom
Ferret Vector by The-Intelligentleman
Plushies and Crafts
Commission: Winter Wrap-up Pinkie Pie Custom Plush by Nazegoreng
MLP FiM: Winter Wrap Up Twilight by sugarstitch
Rainbow Dash in winter wrap ut outfit and googles by MLPT-fan
Winter Wrap up Rainbow Dash for SuzuOngaku by Cryptic-Enigma
[WP] Winter wrap up! by Ahmedooy
Winter Wrap Up! by Yuichan90
Winter Wubs by AeliosZero
Winter Wrap Up shoes by DoctorRedBird


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